Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hi,My friend..My name is Lee Wan Chian .I am taking Gamma of Marketing in this sem . I would like to choose Elken product is because the result after using this products is very effective ,good quality,excellence and integrity...

They are selling more on healthy and beauty products .you will get healthier after you consume it,do you believe it?? Elken approach is to optimal health through a 4 step process Firstly, Balance nutrition, Scondly, increasing oxygen intake ,Thirdly, detoxification ,the lastly, health regulation.

Elken is 1 of the ' Best People Developers", By combining innovative and superior ingredient with advance technology,It have won the trust of millions of consumers.Besides that, They had been setup in seven country include Malaysia. Their vision is 'enriching live together'. .

For more information,please click Elken


  1. i do believe tat the products make ppl healthy
    my auntie n her husband r doin elken too..
    however, some of the products are too expensive to consume especially for middle income level family...
    health is important...
    bt when we r lack of money, we better prefer to exercise than consume healthy products:(

  2. housemate is agent...hahahaha....ya, his skin pimple so not like my face , full of small pimples!!! aiksssssss

  3. lots of info u got here. I heard about the brand b4 but didnt know it could do all those things

  4. hi there, is there any more posts u have?

  5. and oh, by the way..the URL in ur blog about mine is wrong..coz when i click my name on ur blog it links me to someone else's u can change it..thanks..~

  6. hi wan chian..why you got only 2 posts??i want to know more about elken

  7. Good sharing, when talk about essential nutrients, we also talk about spirulina, an algae that is touted as a superfood rich in phytonutrients. Spirulina is lauded by the World Health Organization (WHO) as "Best Healthcare Product of the 21st Century". Elken Spirulina is not a medicine but a super nutritious health food. Therefore, it will not cause any harm if taken in large doses or taken together with other medication. For detail visit: