Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hi,My friend..My name is Lee Wan Chian .I am taking Gamma of Marketing in this sem . I would like to choose Elken product is because the result after using this products is very effective ,good quality,excellence and integrity...

They are selling more on healthy and beauty products .you will get healthier after you consume it,do you believe it?? Elken approach is to optimal health through a 4 step process Firstly, Balance nutrition, Scondly, increasing oxygen intake ,Thirdly, detoxification ,the lastly, health regulation.

Elken is 1 of the ' Best People Developers", By combining innovative and superior ingredient with advance technology,It have won the trust of millions of consumers.Besides that, They had been setup in seven country include Malaysia. Their vision is 'enriching live together'. .

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Elken Spirulina

Hello my friends, i would like to introduce to you all about the Elken Spirulina,which is a healthy product,this alkaline seaweed can be readily digested and easily assimilated by the human body .Besides that,it is the ideal food supplement for all ages.

I consume this product every day for about 2 years already,every time i will consume for 3 tablets after i eating my breakfast and after my dinner. I found out that after consuming Spirulina , my immune system become better because i always get sick in my secondary school,but now i feel more healthy and have more energy.

Besides that, after my mother consume this spirulina, her skin problem which is the sensitive skin gradually get better and her arthritis problem also get improve because her articulation always feel pain when she stand too long or walk too long time. This spirulina can balance back our immune system to help us to prevent the bacteria damage our healthy.